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About Sarah Farwell

Before I became a massage therapist, I worked with plants for many years, gardening and managing a nursery. I had long felt a powerful sensitivity in working with my hands that I longed to cultivate more deeply. My practice of yoga and dance made me curious to know more about how the human body works. As my desire to make more meaningful connections with people grew, I realized that Massage Therapy was my calling.

I received my basic massage training at Texas Healing Arts Institute in Austin, Texas, graduating in 2001. Since then, I have continued my education with training in Zen Shiatsu, Craniosacral Therapy, and the use of hot and cold stones. In 2006 I completed year-long advanced yoga training. Besides my private clients, I have worked in chiropractic offices and clinical settings.

I work with people who can use my support as they manage demanding lives, heal from injuries, change chronic patterns, or navigate life transitions. I find fulfillment in my role as a witness to my clients' movement toward a full, empowered experience of bodily life.

It is my intention to empower my clients with the skill to inhabit their lives and their bodies with energy and ease. It is my deepest hope that I may reflect back to people their inherent beauty and worth.

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