Austin TX Massage Therapist

Swedish Relaxation Massage

Uses long gliding strokes, rhythmic kneading, and compression of muscles and soft tissue to induce deep relaxation. In addition to feeling soothing and wonderful as you receive it, relaxation supports every system of the body to function more optimally.


Deep Massage

May include slow penetrating pressure, trigger point release, and therapeutic stretching to affect the deeper layers of muscle and fascia. This work can encourage the body to change tight, uncomfortable, or painful patterns, whether chronic or resulting from a trauma or injury.


Swedish Relaxation and Deep Massage

Can be blended beautifully for a session that is both therapeutic and relaxing.


lymphatic drainage therapy


Craniosacral Therapy

Uses subtle movements to free the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) from fascial restrictions. Since the nervous system affects all aspects of the body, the benefits can be structural, visceral, or sensory. It is deeply relaxing and excellent for anyone who is suffering from the effects of an impact or trauma.



Is an ancient practice from Japan that uses stretching and focused pressure from the hands to promote even flow of chi (energy) in the meridians (energy channels). Traditionally done clothed, on a mat on the floor, shiatsu can also be performed on a table, and incorporated into a massage.


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